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Study Overview

Typically, a person seeking medication abortion must first meet with an abortion provider in person or remotely by videoconference, so that the provider can explain the abortion process and make sure that the medications are appropriate for that individual.

The MA-ASAP research study is evaluating a different approach.

In MA-ASAP, the person learns about the abortion process and submits relevant medical information online. The study doctor reviews the information. If the doctor determines that no further information or tests are needed, the person may receive the medications in a discreet package by mail or pick them up at the clinic, without a face-to-face meeting with the doctor.

We expect that this approach will be faster and more convenient for many people and make it easier to access abortion care, especially in places with few abortion providers. Participating in this study will help researchers understand how well the service model works and whether patients like it.

If you are currently in Minnesota or Colorado and 18 or older, you may be eligible to receive a medication abortion through this study.

This study is funded by Stanford University and was developed by gynecologists who are experts in the provision of abortion care. It has been approved by an ethics board. Your information remains confidential when you participate.

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